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I'm so sorry!
It's been so long since my last entry, I didn't even realize it was in july *o*
I don't have any real excuses, well of course there's college and life, ... but I must admit I've been more active with larger graphics/edits these past few months :/ You can find them here on tumblr if you want: (shameless self promo)
Still I have some icons ready that I'll try to post before the end of the year, deal ?? :p

The Mortal Instruments series has taken a bit over my life nowadays btw
It's SO amazing like A;SLDKNGASLDGAS

If you have some request as well, don't hesitate, it's always better when you know where to start !

Bye, bye ♥
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I did it !! Youhouuu~~
Never thought I'll make those icons honestly, my inspiration went somewhere for awhile and it just got back!
But I wanted to make them because it's the last round of marveldc20in20 and I had a really good time here :)
I'm quite proud of this batch too and even more so than I begun making them last sunday!
So enjoy !

grotesque_xxx I made 3 icons with the cap you provided, hope you like them :)

[20] Marvel related icons (The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men First Class,...)
[3] Teen Wolf

5 Favorites movies - iron man 3 5 Differences - grunge 5 Textures - 5
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Hello !
Here I present you:
[22] The Mortal Instruments the books which are currently ruining my life
[12] The Following the show who ruined my life a few months ago
[11] Robert Downey Jr the man who will forever ruin my life
[10] Game of Thrones the show who A;LSKNDG;ALSDG *GROSS SOBING*
[5] Teen Wolf the show who just begun to ruin my life again

rdj1 thefollowing4 tmi 7
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Promoting !

Because I've spend some really good times here, because the people modding it are awesome and because
this is a fandom I love so much...
Come take a look and participate in this comm !

A monthly 20in20 icontest featuring the characters of the DC and Marvel universes!
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Hi everyone! It's been almost 2 months now since my last post, sorry for that !
There's been college, exams and now I've just begun a 2 months training soooo... not much time for iconing :((
As I said last time: here's some One Direction icons, plus a bunch of other things I like ^^ (Naruto took over my life again!)
Enjoy !

[31] One Direction
[12] Naruto Shippuden
[8] Disney/Pixar
[3] The Avengers

1D 31 MONSTERS INC 1 naruto 8

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Multifandom Post !!
First merry christmas to everyone ! Yeah I'm a bit late but I hope you're enjoying your holidays ♥
Almost 2 months since my last post, sorry for that ^^" I've been caught up with classes! This post contains icons I've begun making like in september!
But still I hope you enjoy them :DD

Contains 84 icons!
AVENGERS 12 hp 4 sherlock holmes 3
  • Movies [50] : The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Captain America, Iron Man, SWATH, ...
  • Tv shows [29] : Game of Thrones, OUAT, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Merlin, ...
  • Jpop [5] : Yamapi

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