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Hi everyone! It's been almost 2 months now since my last post, sorry for that !
There's been college, exams and now I've just begun a 2 months training soooo... not much time for iconing :((
As I said last time: here's some One Direction icons, plus a bunch of other things I like ^^ (Naruto took over my life again!)
Enjoy !

[31] One Direction
[12] Naruto Shippuden
[8] Disney/Pixar
[3] The Avengers

1D 31 MONSTERS INC 1 naruto 8

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Natasha - Yellow


Multifandom Post !!
First merry christmas to everyone ! Yeah I'm a bit late but I hope you're enjoying your holidays ♥
Almost 2 months since my last post, sorry for that ^^" I've been caught up with classes! This post contains icons I've begun making like in september!
But still I hope you enjoy them :DD

Contains 84 icons!
AVENGERS 12 hp 4 sherlock holmes 3
  • Movies [50] : The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Captain America, Iron Man, SWATH, ...
  • Tv shows [29] : Game of Thrones, OUAT, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Merlin, ...
  • Jpop [5] : Yamapi

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Steve - Monster

► 16

This time something new: Game of Thrones, or well Jon Snow ^^"
One of my favourites show that I discovered this summer and of my favourite characters <3
This show is genius ♥
It was quite difficult to find the right caps for these themes though :/ and I think the icons turned up a bit simple in the end
but well; enjoy anyway :D

Also, I'd try to make another japanese related post soon! It's been too long since the last one, sorry :(

[20] Jon Snow icons for character20n20

5 Category -  Muted Coloring - 1 10 themes - Orange 10 themes - B&W

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