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Just Only Stars

A new Life~


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About me

"♠ Hi ☺ Mélanie ♠ French ♠
This pretty empty LJ is now slowly becoming a graphics LJ ! Stay tuned for more updates :p
I LOVE making new friends~~ don't hesitate adding me :)
Yoroshiku nee~~"

What I like

► Movies I'm more than likely to icon

♦ Big Avengers fan
♦ Other Marvel movies
♦ The Mortal Instruments
♦ The Hunger Games
♦ Disney/Pixar movies

► TV Shows:

♦ Supernatural ♦ Game of Thrones ♦ Merlin
♦ Once Upon A Time ♦ White Collar ♦ How I Met Your Mother
♦ Teen Wolf ♦ Suits ♦ Modern Family
♦ The Walking Dead ♦ The Following
♦ Breaking Bad ♦ Misfits ♦ The Big Bang Theory


Photoshop is my love/hate friend :D Making graphics is my hobby
For all my random edits here's the link to my tumblr: Liightwood
All icons and wallpapers will be posted here on my LJ though

My long list of crushes

♦ Yamashita Tomohisa
♦ Nishikido Ryo ♦ Scarlett Johansson
♦ Robert Downey Jr.
♦ Chris Evans ♦ Sebastian Stan
♦ Michael Fassbender ♦ James McAvoy
♦ Jude Law



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